Nanotechnology has emerged as a major science and technology focus of the 21st century. Proponents assert that nanotechnology will revolutionize life as we know it; others have argued that nanotechnology will yield doomsday environmental scenarios and that military applications of nanotechnology have even greater potential than nuclear weapons to radically change the balance of power. In the EU and the US, investments in nanotechnology are estimated at well over 1B€ per year. As part of the EU Center at Georgia Institute of Technology, an initiative to understand the national meanings, organization, and strategic implications surrounding the development and fielding of nanotechnology in the context of the EU-US interaction will be undertaken. Potential topics of study include comparative capability, national vision/orientation/incentives, institutionalization, national innovation rates, system deployment, and international diffusion of nano-based future health, communications, electronics, and/or military systems.

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